EULA (Android application) English(en-US)

This contract begins to be applied when you start use of the application. If you cannot agree with this contract, please stop that use and remove it.
In this contract, you are the same as a user.


  1. The article about offer of information, and network communication

    Each application may transmit an IP address, terminal identification information, etc. through a network.
    These use Android Application Licensing. Since it transmits terminal information periodically, it needs network connection.

  2. Billing

    About those applications, you may pay an additional charge in Android Market In-app billing. We show the charge in the application.

  3. Payment and refund

    You have to follow the agreement of Android Market about these. If you purchase it and it passes for a fixed period, we cannot repay in principle.

  4. Prohibited matter

    You have to permit not performing the next act without permission from the maker or right owner of the application.

    1. You alter the application, perform reverse engineering, or infringe on other rights.
    2. You redistribute all or some of the application or its manual to a third party.
    3. You disclose the identification information which is needed for use in applications, such as a serial number and a release key, to a third party.
    4. You promote an illegal act.
    5. You avoid a license check unjustly.
  5. Our right, responsibility, and a qualification

    If you use the application, direct or indirect damage may arise. However, we can undertake neither responsibility nor compensation to the damage. Moreover, in no environment indicated, we can guarantee that it operates correctly.
    We can add, amend or delete the article of this contract without permission to you. Then, we notify you in advance as much as possible.

  6. The termination of this contract

    If we find that you are against this contract, the maker or right owner of that application can cancel this contract to you.
    If this contract terminates, you need to stop use of that application and need to cancel it.
    This term of validity is a period since this contract started to be applied, until you stop use of that application.

These contracts are governed by the municipal law of the area which you are using, and international law. Moreover, each agreement for which Google asks these is applied.

April 9, 2011 revision

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