EULA English(en-US)

December 22, 2019 revision

1. Introduction

You must agree to use the app created by our copyright holder, the provider.

The copyright owner or provider may be called us. A user will also be called you.

2. Provision of information and communication

Our app includes the ability to retrieve, change and send user device information, personal information and data in addition to the function to store personal information and password.

3. Payment and refund

Follow the terms of the service company that provides and distributes the app.

4. Restrictions

You may not:

  1. Modifying the app, reverse engineering, falsifying or erasing the copyright notice.
  2. The act of penalizing a third party by falsifying the data created by the app in addition to exploitation of money.
  3. Redistribute files included in the app except for GPL licenses.
  4. The act of circumventing the authentication required to use the app. Disclosure of serial numbers and license keys to third parties.
  5. Annoying or infringing on other users.

Based on the constitution and law of the region where the user is using the app. Slight modifications may be made without your consent.

5. Disclaimer

We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by using of this application that user hardware failure, data loss, economic loss due to unavailability of this app, and injury.

We can add, modify, and delete the terms of this agreement.

6. Unavailability of the app and content

We can stop using the app when there is a breach of the user. In addition, we shall be able to stop providing or using the app without asking the user for permission or without prior notice.

7. Expiration of the contract

This contract will be terminated when this application is deleted.

If there is a difference between the Japanese and English license agreements, the Japanese version has priority.

Privacy Policy

This app acquires the location information with the user's consent and saves the file on the user's device. Location information may be obtained through Wifi, Bluetooth, or mobile networks in addition to the GPS installed on the user's device. We will not send location information or personal information to SNS or external networks without consent. It also includes a function to display advertisements and content based on location information.

We may not take any responsibility for the leakage of personal information and data due to the use of this application.

By terminating the app from Android MultiTasking, you can completely stop the location information acquisition function from this app. You can cancel your consent at any time from the About menu.

You can use this app by selecting "About" menu.

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